Website gives humorous home to ‘stepchild’ of publishing world

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Philadelphia Inquirer


June 4, 2015


Donna Cavanagh says the world is brimming with mockable material – like the sex toy designed for those grieving the loss of a partner. The glass device can be filled with ashes of your dead lover.

“I mean, come on. That story was like handing me gold,” Cavanagh, 53, of East Norriton, says of the essay she wrote about it.

Her writing finds a home on the website she founded four years ago, Humor Outcasts, where now more than 100 other humorists – cartoonists, novelists, stand-up comedians, and TV producers and writers, many well-known – contribute essays, memes, parodies, satires, and cringe comedy at a blush-under-R rating. A dozen or so posts run daily, collectively amassing 3,000 to 7,000 hits – with the occasional piece reaping viral traffic of 30,000 views or more for

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