Bodies of Work

Published By:

SJ Magazine


May 2008


Annette Boulden strolls into Starbucks and passes the glass case of muffins and pound cakes that she will not allow herself to eat. Boulden is a 5-foot-1 petite woman with blond hair, blue eyes and chiseled muscles. She is wearing a red knit top and blue jeans which emphasize her curvy body. Two men on sofas check her out as she orders a beverage. If she notices, she doesn’t mind.

“I’ve been up since 3:30 this morning, I did some wash, cleaned some, and got my kids off to school,” Boulden says. “I am a typical type A, always doing something.”

She flashes a wide white smile. “I am heading to the gym after here.” She looks a good ten years younger than her 43 years.

Boulden is part of a growing segment of women who are breaking the mold of the female bodybuilder. Over 40 and mom to three kids, she still completes a rigorous training schedule in preparation for fitness competitions.

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