Right On Cue

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Burlington County Times


May 22, 2016


In the brightly lit room, balls bang and plopped into pockets. Waiting for their turns, the regulars stood holding their cue sticks. One player sang along to Diana Ross and the Supremes trilling “Baby Love” from a portable iPod player. Another guy passed around a box of powdered mini donuts.

Just another day inside the billiards room at the senior center at the Kennedy Center in Willingboro, where a tight-knit group of 15 men have played the game they love and forged lasting friendships over the last six years.

The Willingboro Ball Busters, the moniker they’ve given themselves, are retired township residents. Their backgrounds include careers in the military, engineering, sanitation, commercial printing, criminal justice and a transit system. They’re fathers and grandfathers, married and widowed.

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